This policy applies to students, parents/guardians, volunteers, teachers, and other adults who are in contact with students and school staff, in any school setting or school related activity. All staff at Dewey College are required to have a Criminal Record Check (CRC) submitted at the time of hiring.

All are responsible for the positive nature of relationships and the consistent, inclusive and nurturing nature of the learning environment that permits students to build healthy relationships, to create a strong and supportive social network, to develop emotional well-being and to achieve academically to the best of their ability.

The school ensures to provide:

• An environment free from bullying, harassment, intimidation and discrimination
• An orderly environment
• A Code of Conduct with consistent expectations and consequences as stipulated in the Student Handbook.
• Procedures and guidelines implemented as stipulated in the Student Handbook.
• Dedicated adult supervision
• Response protocols for adverse and crisis situations.

The college has dedicated staff in Student Services to look after Junior Program and reports directly to the Principal. The Junior Program Coordinator has specific responsibility for child protection and will represent the school in all dealings. Dewey College ensures that all requirements of Languages Canada are met for the Junior Program.

All students in the Junior Program must adhere to following:

• Be actively engaged in the creation and maintenance of a safe, caring and active learning environment.
• Abide by the school’s Code of Conduct and take responsibility for their own actions.
• Demonstrate respect for self, others in school environment.
• Advocate for self and others to maintain physical safety and emotional well being.
• Appreciate and respect diversity.
• Practice positive social behaviour both in person and online.
• Report any incident to the school staff/Junior Program coordinator
• Attend activities and programs that are supervised and guided by school
• Always keep ID with you and call in case of any emergency or situation that is you are unable to manage.

For ALL other policies and guidelines please refer to Student Handbook.