Adapting to a new culture and environment can be challenging, but Dewey College makes it easier for you. The residence offers furnished single and luxury rooms with single or twin occupancy. The residences are located in the areas surrounded by city hall, the central library, shopping malls, entertainment, gyms and public transit. School Residence and Homestay programs match international student needs and help them to integrate into Canadian culture and society. It is your home away from home while you are at Dewey College and taken care of by its caring staff.

Our committed staff are happy to assist you in making your stay with us memorable and rewarding experience. The residences are fully equipped with all required amenities and facilities for conducive and comfortable living. Dewey College also provide Homestay – living with a host family option for those who want to experience Canadian family life. The homestay family provides a room and meals, as well as other supports for students.

Living in residence comes with rights and responsibilities. Students are to respect the rights of fellow residents, including rights of privacy, property, study, rest, equal access to common facilities. Students are advised to read and understand Residence Policy to ensure they understand their rights, responsibilities and do’s and don’ts.


College provides a meal plan for the students, including breakfast, lunch and supper. Hot meals are served at the school during school days. Hot meal menu provides freshly cooked variety of dishes. Students are encouraged to buy meal plans for hot meals. Students with food allergies are requested to inform Administration Office to make different arrangements. There are dining rooms for students to take their meals and snacks as they are not allowed to bring food and beverages into the classrooms.


Dewey College is located in Mississauga, Toronto West and is well connected with integrated transportation system. Dewey College is just 20 minute drive from Toronto International Airport. Mississauga Transit is a convenient and easy way to commute between Dewey College, city center or residence or around Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Students can purchase tickets and passes online ( without shipping/ handling charges and receive the tickets or passes by mail. Students must show current student I.D. when purchasing student bus tickets or passes.


  1. For students applying for the residence for the first time, Dewey College requires a one year commitment and after one year students may renew residence contract or find a place on their own if above 18 years old and parental permission is obtained.
  2. Residence fees are charged by the school year. If student moves out from the residence at any point during the school year, unused residence fees will NOT be refunded.
  3. Residence fees must be paid to the College before students are admitted to the residence.
  4. The damage deposit will be refunded in full only if there is no damage to the residence or school facilities. If the deposit is not sufficient to pay the damage, the student will be required to pay the additional amount.
  5. Students are required to pay CAD$150 Refundable Key Deposit when move into residence. Students will be given a deposit receipt and must present the receipt with key when move out from the residence to receive key deposit.
  6. Students are not allowed to duplicate any of the keys assigned to them. If found, disciplinary actions shall be taken accordingly.
  7. Residents are solely responsible for the safety of their own valuables. All residents are strongly advised to lock up all their valuables at all times.
  8. It is the responsibility of the residents to lock their doors, windows and wardrobes at all times to safeguard of their property and that of their roommate as well as for security reasons.
  9. All residents are responsible to help ensure that all entries and exits to the Residence are locked at all designated time.
  10. As a student of Dewey College you are expected to carry yourself in a respectable manner Residents are expected to portray good behaviour and should wear proper attire that is acceptable in the residence.
  11. Indecent conduct that may embarrass or cause inconvenience to other students and neighbors will not be accepted.
  12. Smoking and/or consuming of alcoholic drinks, any prohibited drug and gambling are prohibited in the residence. Any other illegal activities under the laws of Ontario and Canada are also prohibited in the residence.
  13. Being in possession of weapons or any item that is considered dangerous which may cause injury or bodily harms is not allowed in the residence.
  14. Vandalism is a serious offence. Residents who are responsible for committing such offences may be expelled from the residence. The costs of repairing vandalized items will be charged to the resident accordingly.
  15. Residents are not to make excessive noise or disturbances at the residence. Music must be kept at a reasonable level at all times and careful consideration of other residents and neighbors must be taken into account at all times.
  16. Residents are responsible to keep their rooms and the common areas at the residence, such as the lounge area, pantry and bathrooms, clean and tidy at all times. They must also practice proper handling of all fittings and equipment provided for them. Upon checking if residence is found to be untidy and not clean, Dewey College will get professional Cleaning service and cost of such cleaning will be borne by the residents.
  17. All heating system, lights and electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use. Any cost of the damages to the appliances due to negligence will be borne by the resident.
  18. Should any of the residents need to return to the Residence after 10:00 pm, a prior approval from the school is required.
  19. Residents are to submit the “Request to Return Late Form” to Dewey College 3 days before the actual date, stating the reason and expected time of return.
  20. Residents need to have the “Request to Return Late Confirmation Slip” as proof of having obtained approval to return late; failing which, disciplinary actions may be taken.
  21. Students must not move to other residences without written permission from Dewey College.
  22. Dewey College reserves the right to move students from one residence to another under certain circumstances.


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