Step Into The Future
Dewey College offers a student-centred environment, world-class curriculum, professional management, skilled teachers and high quality facilities.
Step Into The Future
Dewey College is the ideal choice for a better education with its central location, strong academic programs and quality student services.
Step Into The Future
Dewey College is the ideal choice for a better eductaion with its central location, strong academic programs and quality student services.
Step Into The Future
Gain knowledge and achieve excellence through our innovative pedagogy in a conducive learning environment.


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Dewey College is a key member of Dewey Educational Group, located in Mississauga, (West of Toronto), Ontario, Canada. Dewey College is an independent high school registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education and offers a range of programs from high school to ESL and AP programs. For High School, Grade 9 to 12 is offered to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). In addition, Dewey College offers Pre-University, English Language and Pathway programs leading to colleges and universities.


In order to acquire the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), students must complete a total of 30 credits from Grade 9 to Grade 12. In addition, they must pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). For university admission, students must complete at least six 4U/4M courses at the Grade 12 level. Otherwise, the students cannot apply for university, even if they have their OSSD. Students with OSSD are given preference for university admission.

English Enrichment Program

This Program is offered to students who are required to achieve an English proficiency score for their studies. Students are placed in an ESL Program based on their language capability and/or English proficiency score (TOEFL and IELTS) or an English proficiency test provided by Dewey College. This interactive English Language program has a systematic, modular approach in a highly interactive environment.

University/College Pathway Program

Dewey College offers pathway programs for students wishing to enroll into different partner universities and colleges in Canada. Students in this program take English preparation and academic preparation programs at Dewey for the duration of 6-12 months before entering into different programs at the university/college. The Guidance Office at Dewey College assists students to apply for partner university programs.


Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Advanced Placement Courses give students the opportunity to learn university-level studies while still in high school. It is recognized for its excellence by the majority of the universities in Canada. Successful completion of AP courses provides students with the possibility of first-year university transfer credits, advanced placement or both. By earning university transfer credits or advanced placement, students can save both time and university tuition fees.



Dewey College has special IELTS and TOEFL preparation programs, ESL courses, credit courses and tutoring classes for students to excel in their studies. With After-School program, students’ individualised academic needs are taken care of to ensure they have achieved required proficiency in English and high grades in the courses to get admission into their university of choice. School provides tutoring program for all grades, all subjects and language preparation courses.



One of the extended programs of Dewey College is the Summer Camp. This program gives students an opportunity to explore new environments and meet different cultures of world.

Personal Development Courses

Dewey College not only offers courses in Leadership & Management Skills, Professional Training, Music, Arts, Physical Education, and other areas but also actively seeks out opportunities to cooperate with the government, the local community, businesses and with other schools.

Over the years Dewey College has received many delegations from overseas for its well known Personal & Professional Development Courses.


Dewey College is the ideal choice for a better education with its central location, strong academic programs and quality student services. 


Dewey College offers University credit transfer courses, high school credit courses, English Enrichment Program, English proficiency training and on campus testing facilities.


Located in the City of Mississauga, (west of Toronto), Dewey College is centrally located to all amenities such as Central library, Shopping Malls, Entertainment centers and world famous Universities.


We offer a low teacher-to-student ratio in a personalised learning environment. All our teaching staff have rich teaching experience and possess Ontario Teachers’ Certificates.


We provide services by assisting with application for study permits, airport pick-up, accommodation, course selection, university application and visa extension.

Students Speak

  • As an international student, I knew it would not be easy to receive admission from a top university in Canada, so I decided to take pre-university courses at Dewey College after I graduated from high school in my home country. The course I took has been a lot of hard work-constantly stretching me-but it has also been tremendous fun, and I was very glad that I was able to study at Dewey. Finally, these studies helped me to fulfill my goal which was to attend McGill University.

    Amy Tran, 2011
    Amy Tran, 2011
  • When I was at Dewey, without exception, the faculty were unfailingly warm and generous in their support, developing my knowledge but - just as importantly - giving me the confidence to pursue my goal, Rotman School of Management in University of Toronto. Studying at Dewey provided me the perfect stepping-stone into undergraduate study and prepared me extremely well for my four years of study.

    Jiaqi Zhang, 2009
    Jiaqi Zhang, 2009


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